Rock That Body! (Yes, the one you currently have)

Rock That Body! (Yes, the one you currently have)

In a society that promotes insane ideals of attractiveness and athleticism, how do we stay grounded in reality, feel the joy of moving our bodies around and show up for ourselves nutritionally?  How can we keep working towards our goals in a sane way? And how can we be a small part of changing the culture of comparing and rejecting our bodies?  We’ll discuss these topics together and you’ll also get to try your hand (or feet?!) at a couple meditation techniques and briefly discuss common myths and obstacles to an effective home practice.

Heather Shannon, LCPC, is the owner of HWCA of Chicago, a holistic mental health practice in Wicker Park aimed at helping “Type A” professionals and entrepreneurs to stress less, increase effectiveness and enjoy life more. She is a licensed psychotherapist and certified health coach who has been practicing meditation, taking/teaching mindfulness classes and participating in silent retreats since 2005. Heather’s latest project is Mindfulness on Demand, a 6-month virtual coaching program aimed at teaching mindfulness to busy professionals. When not working, Heather’s passions include dancing, learning, traveling and connecting with awesome people.

South Loop Strength & Conditioning is the Home of South Loop CrossFit. Located in downtown Chicago, SLSC offers group classes as well as individualized training programs for both folks training in order to look good and feel good, as well as competitive athletes in CrossFit, endurance sports, and team sports.

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