Mindfulness on Demand: Basics of Mindfulness


Want a greater sense of peace and calm?

Mindfulness on Demand (MOD) is a unique, personalized e-coaching program with owner Heather Shannon, LCPC.

Would you like to enjoy your life more without making difficult changes?

Would you like to know yourself better than ever before?

Would you like to be more effective while stressing less?

Heather guides small groups of individual clients (one-on-one) to show them how they can become gentler with themselves while gaining greater clarity and a stronger sense of presence. She has created this one-of-a-kind program to combine the convenience of virtual learning, the personalization of private coaching and the support of a peer group on the same journey. Heather will support you and help you stay accountable during your whole program.

If you are sick of feeling like everything is urgent and you can never rest . . .
If you are tired of the internal narrative telling you it’s never enough, you’re not enough . . .
If you are distracted and scattered and can’t seem to focus on one thing . . .
If you’re running away from emotions and towards compulsive or distracting behavior . . .

Then, continue reading the information below and reserve your spot for this unique and life-changing program. In this 6-month experience, Heather will share what’s taken her 10 years of meditation and Buddhist practice to learn. She’ll share her approach, tips and strategies for enjoying your life more now, exactly as it is.

Can you imagine mental peace no matter the situation?

  • Internal peace
  • Calm focus
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Less reactivity in relationships
  • Experiencing rather than analyzing

This opportunity is limited in that this is the lowest price we will ever be offering. If you join us now, you’ll have lifetime access including all the updates and add-ons that we make over time. If you wait, you’ll pay more for them.

This program is not, however, for everyone. If you strongly relate to the following, MOD might not be the right fit.

  • I am already a naturally peaceful, calm and in-the-moment type of person
  • I am not willing to invest time or money in my well-being
  • Although I could benefit from mindfulness and meditation, I am not willing to make changes
  • I would rather remain urgent and distracted because it’s more comfortable

If you think MOD might be for you, keep reading to find out what the program entails!

Basics of Mindfulness

Module-1-Basics-of-MindfulnessWhat does mindfulness mean? Do you have to become Buddhist? Does it really work? This module will (re)introduce you to the main concepts of mindfulness such as: acceptance, beginner’s mind, openness to experience, etc. You’ll learn about the research-based benefits of mindfulness and start developing your own mindfulness practice.

The Basics of Mindfulness Course is a one-time payment of $97.

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